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Storm Room Studios started by (Me) Chuck Cantasano as a project studio intended for personal use after being dissatisfied recording in many other studios. Being an active local musician in South West Florida for the last 20+ years I have been in many studios with my bands .
At the start I had recorded a number of solo tracks for myself & then did some projects for friends. Then my band (Wallow Sound) asked me to record our new record and I accepted. I so enjoyed the task and furthermore, found that I have a gift for sound production and dialing in a great mix. After receiving huge compliments from some very well respected engineers on the sound qualities I was achieving, and a number of requests from other bands to do their projects.... I launched Storm Room Studios and started to record other bands/artists.

My goal is your sound, and I am not happy until you are ecstatic. Every song that comes out of my studio is a reflection of not only the artist, but of my skills and I take that VERY Seriously. Should you choose to contact me for your next recording project you will NOT regret it!

Audio Quality

Here's what I have learned, Yes of course having nice gear is important and you can go on for days about this mic preamp, or that converter but in the end the most important element is your ears. The best thing I ever did was (under the guidance of a great engineer) taking the time to develop and train my ears. To learn how to do the critical listening required to dial a mix to perfection, and to learn how to capture great sounds at the source to start with. A great engineer could make a killer record with your average 8 track recorder and good monitors, whereas a lesser engineer with great facility & a half a million dollars worth of gear will fall short of mediocre results every time if he has never dialed in the most important tools he has... the fleshy things on the sides of his head. I know I have stated many times, the reason I began recording was because as a musician I could not afford to record with the Bigs, (the major label type engineers) & the local studios always let me down. So, The vacuum of ability in the area sucked me into the field on a quest to achieve the sounds I knew were possible. After honing my skills I found a love for audio when it is done right. I am now proud to be offering this knowledge, my abilities, and the sound quality I spent decades looking for to peers, and fellow local musicians.

In the end, your record, and the way it sounds, the way it represents you and your music is all that matters. We'd all like to think our band(s) are about to break and go global but I have been writing a performing my own music here in South West Florida since around 1991. The reality is you could make it, or 10 years after the band breaks up your Cd will be the lasting memory and a record of the energy you put into your music during that time of your life. I have a backlog of recordings of my old bands that make me smile, but I really wish the recordings had come out better. This is what I am offering. Capture your passion, your art, & your music with the studio that offers the best results you can find. Listen to what they have done, does it sound as good coming from a laptop computer, or iPhone as it does from a nice car stereo or surround sound system? Is each element of the mix clear & distinct? Does it have good low end with out being muddy or having too much rumble?

Consider this and then call me when you are ready to lay it down. -Chuck Cantasano


Artists/bands we have recently worked with:

Reef Break, Pursuit, Through The Side, Pushmower, Elizabeth Cantasano, Deven Starr, Vegas Death Rays, Wallow Sound, Kytten Punched, Fort Knights



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