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Custom built DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) - built by ADK

Presonus SL 24.4.2 (24 channel board w/xmax preamps)

Focusrite firewire with midi i/o

Focusrite Saffire preamps

Art TPS II Preamps

ADA8000 Preamps

Yamaha analog board

An 8 Channel Headphone distrobution Amp

Outboard Fx: Alesis units

Inboard Fx: Dozens & dozens of plugins, sample libraries, etc.

Monitors- Set 1: Yamaha HS8's / Set 2: KRK Rokit 5 G1's

Studio layout: Soundproofed, climate controlled space, with acoustic treatment by Aurelex Acoustics.

Guitars you may use to record with: Carvin TL60, Dillion DVT-52, Ibanez (2), or your own!

Guitar amps: Peavey, Bugera, Fender, Crate, Hartke cabs, Line 6 hardware & tons of amp modeling software too!

Bass amp: Peavey,

Drums: Taye Rock Pro 5 pc w/double kick, Sabian hats, Sabian Crash(1), Paiste Crash (1), Sabian splash, K Ride. Tuned up and ready to go!

Mics: A dozen or so popular work-horse studio mics for voice, acoustic instruments, speaker cabs etc.

Drum Mics: Shure sm57 (4), pg56's (4), pg52, pg81 (2), Sennheiser MD421 II

Standard passive DI

Tech 21 Bass Driver -Active DI

Cans (headphones)- 5 pairs Sennheiser, 3 PairAKG's, Misc. others.

Synth keyboard & Sample libraries


The Storm Room Studios - Audio Productions