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In advance of starting a new project, I prefer to come hear what I will be recording (at a band practice/ gig/demo etc.) so that I have some idea of the sounds you may be going for, how long/how involved each song is. Once I have done this I can give you a better rough estimate of the time it may take if you are well rehearsed. I will do this at no additional charge once you have bookedyour first session. This will result in a much smoother recording experiance for both of us. When booking a session a 50% deposit is due, balance as work progresses once that time/money has been used. I want to become your friend too, but this part is business. Don't screw me over, and I won't screw you over!


Tracking: $40/hr

Mixing/editing: $35/hr

In-house "little m" mastering*: $25/song

Pro Level "Big M" Mastering* (outsourced): $85/song (generally)

Block rates may also be available depending on what your project requires. So get in touch!

Includes: up to 2 "rough mix" Cd's at the end of each session and 2 final mix Cd's upon completion. Additional copies are always available.

Production-Help writing/arranging your songs is available on a case by case basis. Call for details.

Studio Musicians- If you are say just a singer or singer/guitarist but want a full band production is also available on a case by case basis. Call me.

*Mastering (while not always required) is the recommended final step in preparing an audio recording for commercial release and duplication. This generally includes editing song in/out fades, final EQ adjustments to the entire mix to ensure perfect audio balance, adjusting dynamic range (compression/expansion), adjusting stereo width, overall volume adjustments, & limiting.

It is widely accepted by the music industry professionals that it is best to have mastering done by a specialized mastering engineer (ME) for multiple reasons. Among these, they can make final adjustments to audio on a perfectly calibrated system with specialized mastering tools, in an acoustically tuned room to ensure the best translation of your music. It is also a 2nd set of trained ears that can pick off and repair minor issues that may exist in audio recordings to add that final polish. Mastering in a professional mastering house also means they can encode your final "master discs" to the Red Book standards (DDP ability, ISRC codes, EAN/UPC codes, gapping) often required for mass CD duplication.

With that said, I can handle many of these aspects here in-house (little m mastering) which will be great for demo's, and personal listening, but If you plan to have your CD pressed, duplicated, and commercially released with serious intent to market it to radio, labels etc, I do recommend having final mastering done by a dedicated M.E. This is like putting the final coat of wax on a car. It just adds that final touch that sends something great over the top! If you choose to have it "Big M" mastered, I have a few M.E.'s that I can highly recommend that I like to work with, or you may send your music to any ME you choose.

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